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Do I Need to Wash My Rental Car

car rentalOne thing that you look for in a car for renting is cleanliness. You want a car that is sparkling clean both in its interior and on its exterior. A clean car is not only comfortable to drive in but also leaves an impression when you leave the car hire Melbourne Airport.

But what happens when all the seafood you’ve consumed on your road trip become too much for you and you end up throwing up inside the car? As much as the car hire company will empathize with your predicament, they will certainly charge you valeting and cleaning fees when receiving the car.

How Much Will It Cost?

Unfortunately, there is no standardized car valeting or cleaning fee and is instead dependent on the car rental  Melbourne company. So, it is possible for a car rental to take advantage of one’s greenness in car cleaning fees and attach an unreasonable valet and cleaning fees. It is, therefore, necessary to take photos of the car before and after cleaning to use as reference when you feel the fee is exaggerated.

Is There an Alternative?

As we earlier mentioned, some car rental companies attach hefty cleaning fees on cars returned with dirt. So as the innovative person you are, you should look for a way of avoiding paying the heavy cleaning fess. The obvious alternative is taking the car to a less-pricey car wash. However, you should take care, so nothing gets damaged while the car is getting washed. Remember, you’ll be held responsible for any damages done on the car while it is in your custody.

The Take-Away

The take away is that you should be careful when using rental cars as excessive dirt will see you dig deep into your pockets to settle cleaning and valeting fees. Consider the next people who will want to hire the car. They will also want to be driving a clean car, won’t they?