Top 5 Destinations to Explore During Your Next Vacation in Melbourne

Top 5 Destinations to Explore During Your Next Vacation in Melbourne

car rental tullamarineMelbourne, with its exotic landscape and amazing sceneries, is the ideal destination for tourists who want to rent a car and travel around. In fact, car rental Melbourne airport is the easiest way of cruising through the main streets of the city in a well-planned manner. Melbourne is known for its artistic, cultural and culinary destinations that can be appealing to most of the travelers. We have come up with top five destinations that are worth visiting during your Melbourne trip.

Bohemian Triangle:

Bohemian triangle gets its name from the triumvirate of suburbs including Fitzroy, South Yarra, and Richmond. This destination is known for the collection of culinary, artistic and ethnic delights. You can also find the largest collection of crafts with Greek, Turkish and Middle Eastern influences. In addition, you can also have modern shopping markets in South Yarra and Asian food outlets that can be included in your tour package.

St. Kilda:

St. Kilda is best to be visited during scorching summer days as a beach retreat. Of course, it also has so many attractions that can be visited with a car rental in Melbourne. During your trip, you would come across some cake shops, a number of pubs, cafes and wonderful shops in St. Kilda.

Federation Square:

Federation Square in Melbourne has a stunning architecture and won numerous awards for its ultimate construction. This spacious structure allows locals and tourists to eat lunch and explore some of the fantastic art exhibitions.

Melbourne Cricket Ground:

Melbourne Cricket Ground is not only the spiritual home of the country’s favorite sports cricket but is also the headquarters of Australian Football. The stadium has the seating capacity of 110,000 patrons that make it an optimal choice for organizing various sports.

Victoria Market:

Another important place that you can explore with car hire Melbourne airport is its Victoria Market. This market is extremely popular for fruits, flower, and other related products and is quite busy on Saturdays and Sundays.

Melbourne has so many places to explore and you can hire car from AUZ Rental Cars to travel around and visit diverse attractions at your own pace.