Five Things to Note About a Melbourne Self Drive Trip

Five Things to Note About a Melbourne Self Drive Trip

Car Rentals MelbourneOne of the easiest ways to get around the city when you are visiting Melbourne is to hire a car. This gives you real freedom when it comes to making your travel plans as you can explore the city and beyond. To really make the most of your trip then there are certain things that you should think about before you book your car hire.

Look for Any Special Offers

If you just turn up at a car hire company on the day you want to hire the car then you may be missing out on the best prices. Visiting the website of the company you are considering using may be a better idea as this is the place you will find details of any special offers.

Choose A Company That Offers Discounts on Attractions

There are many attractions in and around Melbourne that you are probably going to want to see. There are car rental companies that can offer you discounts on these attractions so this is something that you should find out before you make a booking.

Buy A Day Pass for The Toll Roads

One of the more confusing aspects of driving in Melbourne is working out how much the toll roads are going to cost you. When you purchase a day pass you can use as many toll roads as you want without incurring any additional charges.

Know What to Expect When Parking in Melbourne

It can also be useful if you make some plans about where you want to park in the city and do some research into the price of this parking. Private car parks are usually better choices than street parking if you are going to be staying for more than a couple of hours.

Ask the Rental Company About Extra Insurance

Your travel insurance may have some provisions for car hire, but it is probably not going to cover everything. There may be extra insurance that you can take out with the rental company which will make sure you are covered for loss and accidental damage.