Car Rentals for Under 25 Years of Age in Melbourne

Car Rentals for Under 25 Years of Age in Melbourne

Car RentalsYou have your driver’s license, but your car is broken down, and you need to be somewhere urgently, or you are visiting Melbourne and want to drive your own car for the time of your stay. Your best bet is renting a car, but you are only 23 years. So, you wonder which car rental service company will offer you a vehicle for hire, considering your age. Auz Rental Cars puts your worries to rest and here are the few requirements for you to hire our cars:

What do you need?

Of course, you require a valid driver’s license, and if you hold an international one that is not in English, we will accept it. However, you must also provide translation documents too. We also take Provisional licenses if you can prove you have been driving for at least two years.

Extra insurance for renting our cars?

You would think to be 25 carries additional hard bargains, but at Auz Rental Cars, we do not charge you extra insurance. We have insured all our cars under different packages: value, secure and no –stress options. You can check our terms and conditions for comprehensive understanding.

How do I choose between national and international rental company

International rental car companies might charge you higher due to status. Therefore, you are better hiring a vehicle from a local company instead.

What sets Auz Rental Cars apart?

  • l Cheap rates
  • l A wide range of cars
  • l Flexible hours
  • l Convenience
  • l Well maintained vehicles
  • l Affordable insurance package options

Car hires can dig into your pockets but not at Auz Rental Cars. It is the best car rental Melbourne could ever have offering numerous positive features. If you are over 21 years and have two years or more driving experience, our cars are here for you to hire. Contact us to know more.