4 Things You Should Do During Christmas In Australia -

4 Things You Should Do During Christmas In Australia

Australia is one of the favourite travel destinations for tourists around the world. With so many reasons to travel, the Christmas season is the must-visit time in Australia for every backpacker across the globe. Whether you have a car or looking for cheap car rentals Melbourne, this is the time you can book and get discounts. Many ample opportunities, activities, and sightings are here to make your vacation memorable. The first surprise for tourists is that December is the start of summer in Australia, the weather will be warm, pleasant, and apt for breezy road trips. If you are planning to visit Australia during Christmas, make sure to book your car rental Melbourne to ease your sightseeing transportation hassle-free.

Bondi Beach

Spending your vacation in Australia during Christmas is better than elsewhere. On Christmas day, hundreds of tourists and native people travel to Bondi Beach to enjoy the festival activities, sing carols along with the choir people, attend the concert “Carols by the sea” – a free concert at the Bondi Pavillion, and enjoy the delicious barbecues and cocktails prepared at the beach. If you are a tourist, we suggest you take a car hire Tullamarine to make yours to and from much easier.

Penguin Parade

Penguin Parade is the most spectacular thing that happens during this time when thousands of penguins march to Philip Island and it’s all worth it to visit. Hire a cruise or ask a car hire Epping service provider to reach the place.

BBQs By Noon

After all who denies their love for smoke and grilled barbecues? A lot of local and high-end restaurants offer BBQ afternoons at their premise for customers to taste their signature barbecues and freshly brewed beer. The best way to start summer is to relish these and enjoy poolside parties and live music concerts.

Moonlight Cinemas

If you dream of watching your favourite movie under the star-studded sky, Moonlight Cinemas would be the ultimate option. At this event, there will be special screenings of your favourite that you can watch with your friends and family. All happens outdoors under the stars. What more do you want? Choose a car rental in Melbourne, drive through and enjoy the movies with your favourite people.

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