FAQ - Auz Rental Cars - Car Rentals Melbourne


How can I guarantee the make and model of the car I prefer?
How can I change or cancel my reservation?
What do I need to bring with me to rent a car?
Can I use someone else's credit card?
How do I extend my rental and will it change my rate?
What should I do if I have an accident or the vehicle breaks down?
Can I rent a car with an International driver’s license?
Can I take out Excess Reduction at the time of rental?
How old do you have to be to rent a car?
Is there an additional charge if there will be more than one driver?
What is Excess Reduction?
What if I decline Excess Reduction?
What refueling options do I have?
Why do rental car companies ask for a credit card?
Can I use a credit card up front and then pay for the rental with cash when I return the car?
What credit card can I use?
Can I use a debit card?
How accurate is GPS?
How easy-to-use is the GPS system? I’m not a very technical person.